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Rumor Control for January 2, 2010

2010: A Year In Review!

  • WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana came to compete in In Your Face Wrestling and team with Vigo against Pierre Vachon and Maxx Burton at "Controlled Chaos." Santana won the match by locking Burton in the figure-four leg lock and finally silenced Burton after a year of torment from "The Ax".

  • Guillaume deSade claimed the IYFW Championship by beating his own partner Etanna in a 4-Way Free-For-All at "Amsterdamage." DeSade would go on to defend the title many times against men like Bobby Ocean & Drake Evans in a 3-way match, Michael Monroe in August and Vigo in the "Hangman's Noose" match. Whether it was a DQ, using an object or taking a count out, he would keep the belt by any means necessary everytime.

  • IYFW Academy graduate Jamar Justice came to rise as he won his first match in February and won his first title in October with "Loverboy" Ricky Williams. We would see the rise of another young competitor, "The Spectacular" Adam Badger, who made it clear that he feels he should be the main focus from the IYFW Academy. Badger was instrumental in Jamar losing his first title and 2011 proves to be the year of Justice & Badger.

  • Drake Evans would struggle to regain the IYFW title that he was never beaten for. Any chance he had at getting deSade in the ring would be thwarted by some outside party. But now Drake is No. 1 contender and waiting for his 1-on-1 shot at deSade to get his title back.

  • Vigo was very busy in 2010. He had to deal with deSade who hooked Yvonna Leach with his noose in Febraury. He had to deal with Pierre Vachon who stabbed him in the back in June. And he would have Maxx Burton to contend with. Vigo feels that he made deSade suffer enough in the Hangman's Noose match in October. He also feels that Burton got his thanks to Tito Santana. Vigo still feels he has one more to deal with and that's Vachon.

  • We saw more independent stars like Cheech, Cloudy and "Big in Japan" Bobby Fish make their way into IYFW.

  • The IYFW New Breed Championship was introduced to refelct the influx of new talent to the company. Men like Michael Monroe, Loca Vida, Liam McFerran, Shiloh Robinson and "The Pillar" Roman Dominguez all made their marks in the company. It would be Roman Dominguez who would claim the title first.

  • We saw the return of people like The Killer Steves, Superbeast and Kryptic Keegan to IYFW.

  • One person who had her hands full this year was Alexzandra who took the reigns as IYFW Commissioner in December of 2009. Speaking of her, we received this message from the IYFW office as of January 1st 2011:

    "We would like to announce that Alexzandra has stepped down as IYFW Commissioner. Even though she was given the opportunity to roll the contract over for another year, she opted not to re-sign. Alexzandra felt that she had performed the job to the best of her ability. She also went above and beyond the call of duty by taking on the roll of ring announcer at several events on top of being Commissioner. We at IYFW thank her for her poise and determination to bring some of the best wrestling action to the fans. Alexzandra is still a part of IYFW but no longer in an authoritative capacity."

So 2011 promises to see the rise of more great talent, the opportunity for more great matches to occur and now we shall see who IYFW Management will put in charge.

Thank you all for a great 2010. We'll see you in 2011 to get IN YOUR FACE!!!

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