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Rumor Control for September 4, 2008

Austria Claims Gold
"The Mighty" Fronz Roddy won, or more like stole, the IYFW Championship from "The Dark Pony" J.P. Black with the help of his "Axis" teammate, Mackie Schrody. Fronz distracted the referee several times which allowed Mackie to interfere and help Fronz win.

H.C. Loc trades money for respect
At the end of the grudge match between H.C. Loc and Maxx "The Ax" Burton, Loc looked as if he would make good on his promise to Joey Eastman and take Burton out for good, but when Burton was down and Loc stood above him with a chair, Loc dropped the chair and walked off. In a shocking turn of events, not only did Loc not take Burton out for good, but he applauded him after the match. Joey Eastman is not happy, but we have even more news that makes Mr. Eastman unhappy...

Joey Eastman Fired!
IYFW Management made the decision sometime after "Holiday Inn-Vasion," and Joey Eastman was relieved of his duties as Executive Vice President Director of Operations and Talent Relations. The reason being that Mr. Eastman used corporate IYFW funds to pay H.C. Loc to act as a personal assassin. There is also the fact that H.C. Loc is not under contract to IYFW. Eastman was not present at the last event and as the man in charge, he is required to be oversee all events. Reached for comment, Eastman had none except to say he blames all this on Maxx Burton. IYFW Management wishes Joey Eastman all the best in his future endeavors.

Next show announced
In Your Face Wrestling will have its 1 year anniversary show at the Holiday Inn on November 15th, 2008. The show is being called IYFW: "Season 2, Let the Madness Continue." The main event is scheduled to be the traditional Elimination Match of Survival, with teams to be announced at a later date.

You can see some of IYFWs great action on our home page now including the 4-Way Free for All from "Let the Madness Begin" and we have the tremendous match up between H.C. Loc and Maxx "The Ax" Burton from "Holiday Inn-Vasion."

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