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In Your Face Wrestling Championship Histories

IYFW Champion

Bobby Ocean 4/30/16 Delanson, NY  
Drake Evans (2) 3/14/15 Delanson, NY  
Roman Dominguez 11/9/13 Ballston Spa, NY  
Fronz Roddy 1/19/13 Ballston Spa, NY  
Pierre "The Beast" Vachon 10/01/11 Ballston Spa, NY  
Vigo 06/25/11 Ballston Spa, NY Won Coronation Cup Tournament
VACATED 04/23/11 Ballston Spa, NY DeSade stripped of title for intentionally disqualifying himself
Guillaume deSade 04/17/10 Amsterdam, NY Four Way Free-For-All
Drake Evans 10/10/09 Ballston Spa, NY  
Fronz Roddy 08/23/08 Rutland, VT  
JP Black 06/07/08 Rutland, VT Won Title Tournament

Tag Team Champions

The Indy Card Mafia: Eric Emanon & Thomas Brewington 4/30/16 Delanson, NY  
Chip Stetson & Hellcat 10/10/15 Albany, NY  
The Scumdogs of Sanity: Lenn Oddity & Surma 5/23/15 Delanson, NY  
Northern Fury: Vigo (2) & Sgt. Fury (2) 3/14/15 Delanson, NY  
The Knockout Gang: Jamar Justice (3) & Gabriel Soul 8/9/14 Delanson, NY  
Northern Fury: Vigo & Sgt. Fury 3/15/14 Ballston Spa, NY  
The Savage Wolves: CJ Scott (2) & "The Savage" Damon Ravage 6/22/13 Ballston Spa, NY  
Team RPG: Ian Daniels & Rickety Rocket 1/19/13 Ballston Spa, NY  
Chuck Deep & Bad Brad Wesley 8/18/12 Whitehall, NY  
Scott Scarsdale (2) & Guillaume DeSade 6/23/12 Whitehall, NY  
Jamar Justice (2) & Ricky Williams (3) 1/14/12 Ballston Spa, NY  
Adam Badger & Michael Monroe 06/25/11 Ballston Spa, NY  
Northern Studd (3) & Fronz Roddy (2) 12/11/10 Saratoga Springs, NY  
Jamar Justice & Ricky Williams (2) 10/16/10 Ballston Spa, NY  
Northern Studd (2) & Fronz Roddy 04/17/2010 Amsterdam, NY  
CJ Scott & Maxx Burton 12/12/09 Ballston Spa, NY  
Scott Scarsdale & Al Jihad 07/18/09 Queensbury, NY  
Bert Williams & Ricky Williams 11/15/08 Rutland, VT  
The Bull & Northern Studd 06/07/08 Rutland, VT Won Tag Team Tournament

New Breed Champion

"Firework" Foxx Vinyer 3/13/15 Albany, NY  
"Savage" Damon Ravage 10/10/15 Albany, NY  
Elite Terrell 11/15/14 Delanson, NY  
Ricky Williams 5/17/14 Delanson, NY  
Bobby Ocean 1/11/14 Ballston Spa, NY  
Jamar Justice 11/9/13 Ballston Spa, NY  
Liam McFerrin 3/16/13 Ballston Spa, NY  
Ricky Williams 11/03/12 Ballston Spa, NY  
Liam McFerrin 3/17/12 Ballston Spa, NY  
Fronz Roddy 10/01/11 Ballston Spa, NY  
Roman Dominguez 08/28/2010 Ballston Spa, NY Won Gauntlet Match
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