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Rumor Control for November 9, 2015

5 More Minutes

In professional wrestling, some battles cannot be decided in the time limit allotted. The time limit expires, the bell is rung, the aggression between competitors is ordered to cease, and the fans are hungry for a clear winner.

Often, both the fans and the competitors will appeal to the referee and the timekeeper with just 3 words: "Five More Minutes." Let the match continue for 5 more minutes, and we'll get the real winner of the match.

At "Season 9: Proving Grounds", Northern Fury (Vigo and Sgt. Fury) vs. The Indy Card Mafia (Eric Emanon & Thomas Brewington) went to the 10 minute time limit. Northern Fury and the fans both called for 5 more minutes.

During the Monday morning review meeting that follows every IYFW event, the Board of Directors decided that this time, 5 more minutes would be granted.

At "We Stand Alone" on January 16, 2016, at the Polish Community Center in Albany, NY, Northern Fury will again face the Indy Card Mafia in a 5 minute time limit rematch/continuation of their latest bout.

It has also been decided there will be two stipulations to this match:

  • The winners will be declared the #1 Contenders to the IYFW Tag Team Championships

  • Because it was Northern Fury who made the initial demands for 5 more minutes, the burden will be on them to get the win. If this second match goes to its 5 minute time limit, the Indy Card Mafia will be the default #1 contenders.

    Kenedi Copeland
    Senior advisor for talent and operations

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