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July 29, 2011

Irresistible Force Meets the Immovable Object

by Arthur Becket

At the Coronation Cup, The Force from the North, Vigo defeated the Millennium Millionaire Scott Scarsdale to win the In Your Face Wrestling championship. At Summertime Bruise, a rematch will occur between the two; this time the winner must win by submission. Each competitor in this championship rematch will have to adjust their style to make the other submit. How will each accomplish this?

In the July 17th edition of the INTERFACE on, Vigo commented that maybe he could just pound Scarsdale into submission. Vigo’s plan may be to overpower Scarsdale, overwhelming him with size and strength, eventually wearing him so far down that Scarsdale will simply quit. This may be a sound strategy by Vigo, he weights over 350lbs and fans of IYFW have seen him demolish opponents with ease. At the Coronation Cup he won the 4 way match against Ian Daniels, Justin Fox and Superbeast. Vigo won by pinning Superbeast; a feat not many people in the entire wrestling world can say they accomplished.

"Vigo is huge and powerful," says former IYFW champ Drake Evans. "One of the most powerful men in IYFW," Evans continues, "but do not take Scarsdale lightly. I have seen him take punishment and come back to win. This may be the classic example of the immovable object meets an irresistible force."

Evans comments about Vigo speak for itself. Vigo has had a long time feud with Pierre "The Beast" Vachon, these monsters have fought each other over the last year. Vigo has endured numerous bouts with Vachon, who may be one of the few wrestlers who can match up to Vigo in power.

Evans assessment of Scarsdale may also be true, fans who despise Scarsdale have seen him take a punishment from fan favorites only to see Scarsdale comeback to win.

Scarsdale can take punishment but will he adjust his wrestling style for submission wrestling? Scarsdale may already have an inside edge on learning new submission holds from one of his employees, WAR, a former martial arts champion noted for submission moves. He is a three-time inductee into the United States Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame. WAR, a former member of the military himself, used to train military and law enforcement personnel in hand to hand combat. Fans of IYFW know WAR as a methodical ground and pound wrestler using many submissions holds.

WAR can give Scarsdale some knowledge into submission wrestling, a definite advantage. Says Evans, "WAR in the past has sought out advice from great wrestlers and martial artists. He has been tutored by the likes of Lou Thesz, Killer Kowalski, and Gene Labelle. These men definitely knew how to put a hurt on an opponent."

So what will occur at Summertime Bruise, will Vigo be able to pound Scarsdale into submission? Will the technique of Scarsdale overcome the power of Vigo and make him submit?

Get your tickets at for Summertime Bruise on August 13 to find out.

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